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Highlights by Angelos

Morning walk in Little Venice and windmills
Family posing in Little Venice, Mykonos
Swimming after a sightseeings tour in Mykonos
Girls enjoying the day at the beach
Where history meets the present
Cultural Museum, with traditional clothes, furniture and paintings
Enjoying a yacht ride at sunsest
Person seated at the very front of a yacht enjoying the sea breeze in the sunset
Taking a break to enjoy the sea while touring with the yacht
People swimming and enjoying the sea after a yacht ride
About to visit friends in a nearby island
A landed helicopter, and a view of a beach
View of Mykonos's Little Venice at sunset
Little Venice at sunset
Relaxing with drinks in the evening
People with cocktails on a balcony, at sunset
Mykonos after dark is full of energy, the island never sleeps!
A street at night in Mykonos full with people